Contributing TranslationsΒΆ

  • Always use identification keys for translations instead of content strings;

  • Translations keys should always describe their purpose and not their location.

    A transformation for a form label “Username”, would be named label.username, not edit_form.label.username;

    An error message should give a good indication of the reason, password_not_strong_enough not password_invalid;

  • Follow the Translation Best practices;

  • Reuse translation keys when possible, use only section specif keys when they depend on context, like profile.edit.title;

  • Use Intl translator format for better flexibility;

  • Keep translations per logical domain:

    • validations: holds the translation for validator violation messages;
    • navigation: holds the translations for navigation items, like the navigation menu and breadcrumbs;
    • search: holds the translations for search-field labels;
    • messages: holds translations with no specific domain;