The SystemConfig Component manages the configuration for external systems including:

  • Managing OS system users;
  • Mail storage (and content filtering);
  • FTP Users and IP-address access listing;
  • Web server virtual-hosts configuration (including TLS);
  • Cron jobs and scheduled tasks.


The SystemConfig is a separate boundary, communication with this system is handled through a ServiceBus. A Module cannot directly access the information.

“Ownership” of an entity is managed by the communicating Modules, the Module uses a RootEntityOwner object with the (uuid) id of either an Webhosting Account or System Administrator.

The SystemConfig Component doesn’t enforce it’s own access control as this is handled by a ServiceBus MessageGuard.

System ServiceBus

Access to protected system services is handled using a dedicated ServiceBus operating outside the application. Access is heavily guarded and operations are explicit.


Documentation Management

The System ServiceBus works outside of the Application itself and therefor, the service configurations need to be set-up properly in-advance.

While a source-code is a good reference for understanding how an application or library works, a system set-up however is more complex and can be applied in various forms.

To allow full customizing, all service set-ups have a fully documented implementation schema (called a Set-up Schema).

In a Set-up Schema you can find all details regarding a chosen set-up, including the motivation for this chosen set-up, how to test the set-up (after changing) and what things you can and can not change.