Park-Manager System

Park-Manager is build-up from multiple modules, including the CoreModule that forms the basis for booting the Application.

In this chapter you can find more information about the system architecture, and how to work with the SystemConfig.


Park-Manager is build on the Symfony Framework, this chapter assumes you have advanced experience with this framework.

The architecture follows a Domain Driven Design approach, some basic knowledge is required. If you are completely new to this, checkout Introduction to DDD first.


  • The The Module System chapter explains in great detail how the Modules are constructed, integrated, interact and how to achieve a strict separation of concerns.

  • The runtime_system is responsible for booting the application and background services.

  • The SystemConfig gives a detailed overview and explanation of communicating with external system configurations like Email storage, FTP, and web-server virtual-hosts.

  • The /architecture/user_system explains how to work with the different user types (User and Administrator, Reseller) and how to link ownership of a “product”.

  • The application is separated into tree Application Sections: Client, Administrator, and ResellerSpace 0 that gives Administrators a private section for company brand websites.

    In chapter you can find more information about the routing schema’s, access rules separation.