Park-Manager Documentation

Park-Manager is a full-stack hosting-management system.

In the documentation, you can find how to install Park-Manager, customize the platform, create your own Modules, and how to contribute to the project.


Park-Manager is still in active development, the current status is pre-alpha, and not recommended for production usage.

Major code changes should be expected. Some documentation sections may be incomplete or missing.

Getting Help


Getting Started

To install the Park-Manager Application you need at least a system that is able to run Docker.

Development and Customizing

Park-Manager is build-up from multiple modules, that already provide a ridge functionality for your hosting solution, but what Park-Manager prides itself for is the extendability of the system.

In this chapter you learn how to fully customize Park-Manager to your needs.


Park-Manager is a community driven project, we value good coding quality, and easy to use software for users.

To contribute to Park-Manager please read this chapter carefully to understand how we build and maintain the Park-Manager project.